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Why chose just one of our bantam breeds when you can have the option of getting them all!
This assortment is filled with breeds that lay blue to green eggs!
Calling all lovers of funky feathered chickens, this assortment is for you!
This mix of game birds represents some of the rarest examples of game fowl that have been bred for centuries.
This mix of breeds will provide you with at least three different egg colors!
A random mix of some of our best-selling breeds for those of you who want a variety of birds in your flock or who just love a surprise!
Who doesn't want a chicken that looks like a dalmatian with a Mohawk? With this assortment, you will get a variety of our different colored Spitzhauben.
We have created the perfect assortment of some of our best-selling table breeds.
Having trouble deciding on what breeds to add to your flock? Well, this assortment allows you to get breeds from our top 5 most popular breeds of 2022!