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Having trouble deciding on what breeds to add to your flock? Well, this assortment allows you to get breeds from our top 5 most popular breeds of 2022!
Top 5 of 2022 Assortment Unsexed20.75
Top 5 Best Sellers of 2022 Egg Assortment12.00Sold Out
This assortment is the way to go if you are having difficulties deciding on what breeds to add to your flock. These are our top 5 most popular for many reasons. I can't think of a better assortment than this one! The top 5 breeds of 2022 were Black Copper Marans, Indio Gigante, White Bresse, Isbar, and Exhibition Cream Legbar. We guarantee that we will pack the order with at least 4 of the 5 breeds mentioned. We offer this assortment for both day-old chicks and hatching eggs. If you purchase less than 3 chicks or eggs, then we will include at least 1 breed from the list above.

If you purchase a chick assortment and we are able to add in Exhibition Cream Legbar, then we will add in both male and female day-old chicks. We will make sure that you get more than half female though. None of the other breeds are autosexing so they will be packed straight run as we don't vent sex at our farm.

Please view individual breed pages to read more detailed information about each breed. The price that you see here on this page is the price per chick or per egg.