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Come to the Dark Side! Celebrate the Ayam Cemani -- the “Lamborghini of Poultry” -- with our stylish new tee created exclusively for Greenfire Farms!
The Cream Legbar is one of the world's favorite chicken breeds, and our Legbar t-shirts capture the beauty and whimsy of this crested blue-egg-layer!
Want to turn your friends green with envy? Now you can by sporting an official Greenfire Farms t-shirt, the same worn by our farm crew throughout the year. Farm-tested tough and super comfortable, they are available for $20 each including shipping and handling.
With their huge muscular bodies and extreme athleticism, Liege Fighters look like comic book superheroes for the poultry world.
We commissioned world-renowned graphics designer Carly Berry to create a t-shirt featuring our beautiful and exotic Pavlovskaya chickens!