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A one-of-a-kind calendar for 2024 featuring photos taken on our farm of chicks, chickens, and eggs.
A one-of-a-kind sticker that shows off the bantam breed that has stolen everyone's hearts, the Barbu de Watermael!
If you are anything like us and are easily distracted by chickens...then this is the perfect bumper sticker for you!
"Cluck Around and Find Out" says the Bruges Fighter rooster.
Easily distracted by chickens? So are we!
A simple way to show others that you support our farm.
Add our farm logo to your water bottle, your laptop, -wherever really- and show your support!
An adorable sticker made by a happy customer!
An artsy and abstract design featuring the Pavlovskaya breed.
Greenfire Farms is known for our rare and beautiful breeds... some might even say radical!