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COVID-19 information
Chickens do not carry or transmit COVID-19. As a mail order, web-based business, we are operating as usual and shipping out chicks as scheduled. As a farm, we are designated an “essential business” and allowed to operate without interruption. We have not experienced shipping disruptions from USPS due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 note: Our cancellation policy remains in effect. If you have any concerns or are unable to go to the post office, please notify us immediately so we can postpone or delay your order.

Is it safe to ship chicks?
Yes, it is perfectly safe to ship chicks. Just before hatch, chicks absorb the yolk which provides them with enough nutrients for their first days of life. We also provide the chicks with feed, Gro-gel, and heat packs when necessary. Our boxes are clearly marked to let the Post Office know to handle the chicks with extra care.
How much is shipping?
We charge a flat rate of $50 for sending a box of up to 20 chicks via USPS Priority Mail Express. Additional charges apply to orders over 20 chicks. Heat packs, Gro-gel, feed, and Marek’s vaccination are included with the cost of shipping. The cost for shipping hatching eggs is $20 for standard and large fowl eggs and $14 for bantam eggs
Can you ship FedEx or UPS?
No, we can only ship via the United States Postal Service. FedEx and UPS do not accept shipments of poultry.
Can you ship to Canada?
We’re sorry, but we do not ship to Canada.
Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?
Yes! We can ship to Hawaii and Alaska.

ATTENTION HAWAII ORDERS: We require at least 2 weeks’ notice on all orders going to Hawaii to allow time to apply for and obtain the permit. If you select a shipping date that is not at least 2 weeks away, your order will likely be rescheduled.
Can I pick up my chicks/visit the farm?
We'd love to spend time with you on our farm, but we take biosecurity very seriously, and farm visits expose our flocks to the potential for inadvertent disease transmission. We simply can't take that risk, so we don't schedule farm tours or the pick-up of orders on the farm.
Can farm staff meet me somewhere so I can pick up my chicks?
Yes, we allow pickups from the post office located in Midway, FL the day your order is scheduled to ship. The address for this post office is 31000 Blue Star Highway, Midway, FL 32343. Just select local pickup from Midway, FL during the checkout process. We will be automatically notified of your request once you complete your order and we'll reach out to you to make arrangements.
Tracking Updates / Where are my chicks? / Are my chicks lost?
It is very common for the tracking number to not update overnight or during the day. This does not mean your chicks are lost. Chicks are not guaranteed to arrive overnight and may arrive in 2-3 days depending on your location. Know that we see the exact same information on the tracking number that you and other Postal Service workers can. It is not possible for us to provide more information on the location of your chicks. Please stay calm and be patient. We will not refund shipping charges for orders that do not arrive by the estimated delivery date and/or time.
Why was my order rescheduled?
If you receive an email stating that your order has been rescheduled, the most likely scenario is that we were short on our hatch for at least one of the breeds in your order. If you are okay with receiving substitutions in the event of a shortage, please reach out to or (866) 954-2968 prior to your ship date to let us know!

We may also reschedule your order if we have not received full payment for your order. We will not ship your order until it is paid in full. If you ignore your payment reminders do not be upset when your order is rescheduled or canceled!
Why did I not receive an order confirmation email?
If you did not receive an order confirmation email with an order number, the first thing to check is your spam folder and that you have entered the correct email address. If you still do not see a confirmation email, it is likely that you did not complete checkout. Please email or call (866) 954-2968 for assistance.
My chicks are scheduled to ship today, why haven’t I received confirmation yet?
Shipping confirmation emails are sent in the evening after we drop the chicks off at the post office and they are scanned into their system. We do not have tracking information available for you until we have packed orders and printed shipping labels. Shipping days are extremely busy for our small team so please be patient. If we cannot ship your chicks for whatever reason, we will let you know.
What’s the minimum to order?
The minimum order is six (6) day-old chicks. This minimum can be met by ordering 6 of one breed or by mixing and matching different breeds and/or assortments. If you order bantams with large fowl breeds we will add a partition into the shipping box so that they are separated during their journey so that the bantams are not trampled by the larger breeds.

If you wish to order fewer than the minimum order, contact us with your request. We reserve the right to override the minimum on a case by case basis and not all requests will be approved. We do not recommend ordering fewer than the minimum, and the 72-Hour Live Chick Guarantee will not apply in these cases. Under no circumstances will we override the minimum for fewer than three (3) chicks.
Are there breed minimums?
We do not have breed minimums, but we suggest that you include at least 2-3 chicks of each breed.
Do you sell hatching eggs?
Yes, we do! Hatching eggs can be found on our website at, Please read the information about hatching egg orders listed on our website. We also auction hatching eggs on eBay. Our seller page is We do not have a “buy-now” price for hatching eggs that are sold at auction through eBay.

We are not associated with any other account. If you purchase eggs from another user who claims our name in their auction, you need to contact them with any questions/issues that you may have. We cannot assist you with purchases made from other farms.
What days do you update the hatching egg availability?
Normally every Monday and Friday around 4 to 5 pm EST. But if there is a holiday then they will be updated the following working day. The availabilities are updated every single week, so if you aren't able to place your order because we are sold out then please check back the following week.
Can I adjust my order after it has been placed?
While we certainly can adjust your order after it has been placed, we ask that you be confident with your selections prior to placing your order. Be sure you can accommodate the number of birds in your order before placing it. You will not receive a full refund for removing birds from your order.

Adding chicks: we can add chicks if they are available for the same shipping date. The request to add chicks should be made by the Thursday before your shipping date. We make arrangements for all chicks to be sold prior to hatch day so we might not be able to fill last-minute requests.

Removing chicks: you forfeit 50% of the cost of the chicks that are removed from your order. The request to remove chicks must be made by the Thursday before your scheduled shipping date. Cancellations made after the Thursday before your scheduled ship date forfeit 100% of the cost of the order.
Can I make a breed request in an assortment order?
We cannot accommodate requests for specific breeds to be included or excluded from assortment orders. Selections are made by farm staff based on each hatch. Assortments are great for those who want a variety of birds, love surprises, and are open to receiving any of the breeds we have on our farm. Please do not use the “available now” chart as a tool to predict what breeds you will receive. That is not how selections are determined. We will not entertain complaints if the breed you want is not included in an assortment and under no circumstance will we issue a refund in these cases. If you know what breeds you want to receive, you need to place an order specifically for those breeds.
Do you sell juvenile birds?
Sometimes yes. If we are selling any, you can view them on our website at - You will need to contact us so we can setup the order for you. You may request photos of the bird you are interested in. The shipping will be estimated by using the USPS shipping calculator and your zip code. If the shipping cost turns out to be more than you paid, you will be contacted for the difference. If the shipping cost is less than expected then you will be refunded for the unused shipping cost. Started birds will be shipped Express through USPS and held for pickup, so please provide the best phone number when placing your order. We cannot combine multiple birds into one shipping box so if you purchase more than one started bird then the shipping cost will be per bird.
Why is a specific breed not showing as available on the chart? Can I still order that breed? When will it be available?
If a breed is not showing on the availability chart, then the breed is not currently available for order. Usually, chicks are either sold out or we are not currently hatching the breed. The chart shows the next 5 shipping dates, but we do accept orders for dates beyond that. Please use our contact form and be sure to include the breeds and quantities so we can let you know what the possibilities are! We may be able to still get an order set up for you.
Why is there no available shipping date for the breeds/quantities I have in my cart?
This means that the combination of breeds you are trying to place an order for are not available for the same shipping date. Please use the contact form to see what adjustments can be made to place your order. Don’t forget to include the breeds and quantities in your message (we cannot see the items in your cart).
When is the best time to order chicks?
This will depend on your location, set up, and even personal preference. The most popular time for shipping chicks is in the spring when egg laying is at its peak. If you live in an area with late freezes, you may want to wait until early summer to have your chicks shipped. Those who live in warmer regions can have chicks safely shipped well into fall.

Remember that there is a natural decline in egg production during fall when daylight hours shorten so some breeds may not be available during that time. Due to the higher volume of chicks that hatch during the spring and summer, we strongly suggest placing your order several weeks in advance as some breeds sell out quickly.
I’m interested in X breed, but chicks are not available, can you sell me some eggs or adults instead?
No, sorry. If chicks are not available for a breed, they are either not laying eggs or the breed is sold out and we need those eggs to fill existing orders. We don't typically sell started birds but contact us if you are interested in a started bird and we will let you know if we have any available. 
Can you honor the price that another farm is offering?
No, we do not price match. Other farms can sell their birds at a lower cost for the simple fact that their initial cost for the flock is also lower. The cost of importing the birds and the work to build a genetically diverse flock is simply too high for us to be able to do so.
Can you send me a catalog?
No, sorry. We are a small farm and not a big hatchery, so our breeds and availability change too often for us to have catalogs printed. We do keep the availability on our website up to date. Please contact us at or (866) 954-2968 for availability questions.
Chick Arrival and Care
Can you identify my chicks?
If you need help identifying chicks that were included with your order, please send your photos in a reply to your confirmation email and we’ll be happy to help you out.

If you need help identifying the breed of a bird that you received from somewhere other than us, we’re sorry, but we have no way to verify the breed. Your guess is as good as ours.
Why are my chicks are dying?
While it is not possible for us to know for certain, here are a few things to check:

Temperature: Check that the temperature is not too hot/cold and is it being adjusted appropriately for their age. The warm area should be 95-99°F for the first day or two after arrival, 95°F for the first week and then lowered 5°F each week following until heat is no longer required. Do not heat the entire brooder, they need to have an area to get away from the heat. Comfortable chicks will move in and out of the warm zone to regulate their temperature. If you are using a bulb heater, it should be ceramic or red to not disrupt their natural sleep pattern.

Feed: Are they on high quality medicated feed? A well-balanced starter feed is important for growing chicks to develop their immune system. We do not vaccinate for coccidiosis, so we strongly recommend using a medicated feed. Be sure the feeder is kept clean and dry.

Water: Their waterer needs to be kept clean and full of fresh water. You may want to consider adding electrolytes or apple cider vinegar on arrival.

Brooder: Make sure the chick’s living conditions are kept clean and dry. A dirty, wet, warm environment is prime living conditions for coccidia. Be sure that the brooder is well ventilated and free from draft.
What supplies do I need to have ready before my chicks arrive?
Basic supplies include: Brooder, bedding lined with paper towel (do not use newspaper, magazines, or cedar shavings), heater, thermometer, waterer, feeder, medicated chick feed, and electrolytes or apple cider vinegar (in case your chicks arrive lethargic or stressed).
What do I do when my chicks arrive?
Pick up: Have a flexible schedule on your shipping week so you can pick your chicks up as soon as the Post Office calls you. Do not use the estimated arrival date/time as a scheduled pick up time. This is not a guaranteed delivery time for live animals! Do not allow chicks to sit at the post office. It is your responsibility to pick them up in a timely manner. Count the chicks in your box and take a photo if you have any losses. It is not necessary to file a report with the Post Office. Notify us of any losses within 72-hours by replying to your confirmation email and don’t forget to include the photos of dead chicks.

Arrival home: Have your brooder set up and the warm zone brought to a steady temperature of 95-99°F the day before your chicks arrive. As soon as you arrive home, dip each chick’s beak into warm (90-95°F) water as you put them into the brooder. This is very important! It will rehydrate them, and it will help warm them up. The chicks will not survive if they do not get water. You may add apple cider vinegar or electrolytes to the water if chicks appear lethargic or stressed. Do not prolong the use of the electrolytes as it may cause dehydration.

After hydration: Your chicks will likely take a long nap while warming up in the heat. Please remember that they have just traveled and are very tired. Allow them to rest and warm up if needed. Do not handle the chicks more than necessary for the first few days. Most chicks will start eating crumble on the own, but you may want to sprinkle some crumble on paper towel to encourage them. You can also feed your chicks egg yolk to give them an extra boost. We recommend boiling the egg first then crumbling the yolk. Do not leave any uneaten egg in the brooder, it will spoil.
What feed should I get for my chicks?
We recommend a high-quality medicated chick crumble. Follow the feeding guidelines on the product label. We do not offer a vaccination for coccidiosis, so it is strongly recommended that you start your chicks on a medicated feed.
Why are there leg bands on some of the chicks in my order?
This was done to help you in identifying the chicks from one another. The band can be removed the day they arrive if you don't plan on keeping them banded. If you want to keep them banded please note that the bands the chicks arrive with will need to be changed in 1 to 2 weeks. The bands will need to be replaced with a medium-sized leg band next. The band will need to be changed several times over the next month or so, increasing the size of the band with each change. Please do not leave the original band on the chick for more than 1 to 2 weeks as this will result in injury to your chick. The band can be removed by simply pinching the band with your index finger and your thumb while holding the chick with your other hand and gently pulling the band off. It really is that simple!
Bird Health
Are you NPIP certified/ What is your NPIP number?
Yes, we are NPIP certified. Our NPIP number is 58-1156-E.
What vaccinations do you offer?
We only offer a vaccination for Marek’s disease.
What is Marek’s Disease?
Marek’s Disease is a very common, highly contagious disease in chickens caused by herpes virus. Infected birds cannot be treated but the disease is controllable with vaccine. Contact your state agency for more information or if you suspect your birds have Marek’s disease.
What is Coccidiosis?
Coccidiosis is a protozoan parasite that thrives in warm wet living conditions. Coccidia is common in chicken flocks but can cause sickness and death if an overgrowth is not treated. Chickens develop a natural immunity but are most susceptible when living in wet and dirty conditions. Sickness typically occurs in birds that are under 6 months of age. Speak with your veterinarian if you need assistance with treatment options.
What is pasty butt?
Pasty butt is a very common condition for shipped chicks where droppings get stuck and block the chick’s vent. It can occur from stress, temperature changes, and dehydration. This is easily treatable but can cause death if not taken care of. Gently remove the stuck droppings with a warm, wetted paper towel. Use cation to not pull the down from the chick’s bottom. You will need to be patient as it could take some time to clear the vent of all stuck droppings. Pat the area dry with a clean paper towel and apply some vegetable or olive oil to the area with a q-tip to prevent more droppings from sticking. There are numerous instructional photos and videos that can be found online if you need a demonstration. Be sure to address the cause of pasty butt to prevent it from reoccurring.
Can you diagnose my chicken for me? / What’s wrong with my birds?
Our farm does not have a veterinarian on site. Please have your birds seen by someone with medical training and certifications that can give your bird a proper examination if you feel there is something medically wrong. If your bird’s life is on the line, do not wait on our response before taking action. There is not always someone in office and there is nothing we can do to save your birds.
Why are my birds dying?
It is impossible for us to know the answer this question. You need to have your birds examined/tested. Please note that the care of your birds is your responsibility. We are not responsible for the care that you provide to your birds and we do not offer refunds beyond the 72-Hour Live Chick Guarantee.
General Bird Questions
Do you sex your chicks?
We do not vent sex our chicks. All chicks are sold straight run other than auto-sexing breeds.
Can your birds be feather sexed?
No, our birds cannot be feather sexed. Feather sexing is only accurate on the first generation of offspring from a fast feathering male and slow feathering female. Please don’t request that we feather sex the chicks in your order.
What is the male/female ratio on straight run chicks?
Straight run chicks are shipped as hatched so we do not know what the ratio will be. You can receive any combination of males and females.
My city does not allow roosters/ regulates the number of hens I can have, what are my options?
If you live in an area that does not allow roosters, we have a selection of auto-sexing breeds. They can be visibly sexed at hatch so we can guarantee that you do not receive a rooster with your order. If your heart is set on a breed that is not auto-sexing, have a plan for the roosters prior to placing an order.
I received more roosters in my order than hens, did you do this intentionally?
We cannot stress enough that we do not vent sex our chicks and do not know the sex of the chicks that are in your order if it is not an auto-sexing breed. Vent sexing requires special training and a lot of skill. No one on our farm is trained to do so and attempting to would cause harm and stress to the chicks not to mention that we would likely have a very large margin of error. Some breeds we only hatch a small number of chicks each week, meaning the entire hatch for that breed goes to one order. If they turn out to be mostly roosters, understand that it is out of our control. We are not trying to sabotage you; there is absolutely no gain for us in these situations. We do not sell juvenile birds so no; we are not keeping the females for us to sell at a higher price later. Do not purchase straight run chicks if you are not prepared for receiving any combination of males and females. Do not contact us with statistics and claims that the ratio you received is not possible. Unlikely does not mean impossible. We do not guarantee any ratio and will not refund or ship more chicks if you are unhappy with the number of roosters you receive in your order of straight run chicks.
Are your birds show quality?
You should not expect a cosmetically perfect bird. In fact, you should expect to find some defects in virtually every bird you raise. Just as every child is not destined to become a supermodel, every bird is not destined to win ribbons at shows. Only a tiny fraction of chickens conforms to their breed standard in all respects. We do not represent that every bird we sell is show quality or is flawless. You should receive birds that can be the foundation for a breeding program that with enough time and skill can produce show-quality birds.
General Farm Questions
Who did you get your birds from?
We get our original starter flocks from any number of sources around the globe. Most of our sources are small breeders who specialize in raising a particular breed. We do not disclose the specific flock from which our breeder flocks originate.
Can you verify that another seller got their birds from you before I purchase from them?
No, sorry. If you do not trust the seller, you shouldn’t make the purchase.
I’m having a problem with my birds that I received from another farm who say they received their parent stock from you, can you help me?
No, we cannot assist with purchases made from other farms. We are not affiliated with any other farm or hatchery. We are not responsible for another farm’s breeding practices.
Why order from Greenfire Farms over other hatcheries/breeders?
There are a number of good reasons. We are the original importer of most of the breeds we sell, and when you order from us you are assured of getting the purest stock available. We keep our birds outdoors throughout the year, and they tend to be hardy as a result. They live in roomy pens and are allowed to forage on pasture; a humane and healthy way to treat animals.
What is the difference between your chicks and commercial hatchery chicks?
Many commercial hatcheries simply contract with farmers to produce eggs and have little quality control over the critical breeding decisions that determine the quality of offspring. And, we are rigorous about shipping only the best chicks to our customers. And, of course, our chicks are the offspring of imported stock, and chicks from other hatcheries are generations removed from the authentic gene pools for rare foreign chicken breeds.
Why are your chickens so expensive?
Our chickens are expensive because it costs a tremendous amount of money to provide them to you, the dedicated chicken hobbyist. We are the largest, and maybe the only, legal importer of new chicken breeds into the United States. It costs a huge amount of money to legally import chickens under a USDA permit. After all the costs are calculated, we spend about $2,000 per bird to import a live chicken from Europe, for example. And, we often find that once imported that bird may be infertile or not an excellent example of a breed, in which case we will produce zero sellable offspring from that bird. We also give our chickens the very best care imaginable with large, open air pens where they are housed. It is expensive to build these pens and hire educated, trained staff to manage our flocks. All of this costs a lot of money, and these costs are factored into the pricing of the chicks we sell.
Can you import a chicken breed for me?
We don't make any guarantees that we will be able to import the breed you request. If you have any breeder contact information please send it with your import request so that we can reach out to them and see if they are willing to work with us. We will not import for you but you will be able to purchase eggs and/or chicks from us once we've established a breeding flock.
What are the steps to import chickens into the United States?
The USDA website covers all of the necessary steps you will need to follow to import either adult chickens or hatching eggs into the U.S. If you have questions about any of these rules or regulations, please direct your questions to the USDA. Visit the USDA Live Animal Import page to view what you will need to do.
Another farm/hatchery can do “this”, why can’t you?
We have our own procedure. What works for another farm/hatchery may not work for us and vice versa. Be sure that you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and do not assume that it is the same as other farms/hatcheries that you have ordered from.
What feed do we use at Greenfire Farms?
We use Kalmbach Feed products on our farm. We use their medicated chick starter for the young birds and then their layer pellets for the adults. We purchase our feed locally.
Do we provide any supplements to our flocks?
Yes we do. We offer crushed oyster shell to all of our birds once they are off of chick feed by adding some into the feeder buckets along with the layer pellet, so it's mixed together. We also offer a vitamin supplement called Poultry Cell to their drinking water normally once per month but more often during times of stress.