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Check this page regularly to view what hatching eggs we currently have available! The quantity that you see on this page is what is available for the week and these quantities are updated weekly. We also sell hatching eggs on eBay.

Our order minimum is 10 eggs for standard and large fowl breeds and 14 for most bantam breeds (we include 2 free extra eggs in every order).
ItemPer EggQuantity
Ayam Cemani Eggs15.00Sold Out
Ayam Ketawa Eggs9.00Sold Out
Belgian Game Fowl Egg Assortment13.00Sold Out
Bantam Bielefelder Hatching Eggs18.00Sold Out
Black Copper Marans Eggs18.00Sold Out
Crele Bielefelder Eggs8.00Sold Out
Crevecoeur Eggs8.00Sold Out
Black Mottled Pita Pinta Asturiana Eggs
In stock: 10
Blue/Green Egg Layer Assortment12.00Sold Out
Bruges Fighter Eggs12.00Sold Out
Chamois Spitzhauben Eggs
In stock: 15
Chocolate Partridge Wyandotte Eggs8.00Sold Out
Cream Legbar Assortment Eggs8.00Sold Out
Exhibition Cream Legbar Eggs10.00Sold Out
Production Cream Legbar Eggs10.00Sold Out
Flarry Eye Grey Eggs8.00Sold Out
Gold Deathlayer Eggs10.00Sold Out
Ginger Oxford Gamefowl Eggs
In stock: 4
Gold Spitzhauben Eggs
In stock: 10
Indio Gigante Eggs
In stock: 2
Lavender or Split Wydanotte Eggs8.00Sold Out
Assortment of Orloff Hatching Eggs5.00Sold Out
Spangled Orloff Eggs6.00Sold Out
Lemon Owlbeard Eggs15.00Sold Out
Liege Fighter Eggs
In stock: 4
Mechelen Turkey Head Eggs
In stock: 10
Rainbow Egg Collection12.00Sold Out
Rare Breeds Egg Assortment
In stock: 10
Schijndelaar Eggs10.00Sold Out
Silver Spitzhauben Eggs
In stock: 5
Silverudd's Blue Eggs13.00Sold Out
Swedish Black Hen Eggs12.00Sold Out
Top 5 Best Sellers of 2022 Egg Assortment12.00Sold Out
White Marans Eggs12.00Sold Out
Attention Hawaii customers, please contact us before placing an order since we will need to apply for import permits to ship eggs to you. Please understand there will a delay before we can send the eggs. Typically it takes 2 weeks before permits are approved.

Our order minimum is 10 for standard and large fowl breeds and 14 for most bantam breeds (we include 2 free extra eggs in every order). The bantam Bielefelder eggs are large enough to fit into the foam insert for the standard to large fowl eggs so they will be sold in increments of 10.

The free extra eggs will be eggs from breeds included already in your order. If you are purchasing an assortment then the free extras will be selected by the farm staff. The eggs will have a pen number written on the shell and we will include a key that tells you what breed corresponds to that pen number.

Shipping. Orders placed Monday through Sunday will ship the following Tuesday unless fewer eggs were laid than predicted. We'll contact you if that's the case. We no longer have the time to ship egg orders on Monday. Multiple orders cannot be combined into one shipment as our hatching egg boxes only hold 12 eggs. Every order will be packed with a hatching guide containing helpful information that you can refer to for incubating and hatching your eggs. We ship eggs to you via Priority Mail within the United States for a flat rate of $20 or $14 for bantam egg orders. There will be a shipping charge for every order of 10 eggs. If you would like your eggs to ship Express instead, please send us a message so we can update your order. Eggs will be held at the post office for pick-up unless otherwise requested.

NPIP: 58-1156-E. Your copy of the NPIP VS form 9-3 will be included in the hatching egg box for your records. We will file a copy with the state. This is required.

WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE HATCH RATE OF THE EGGS YOU WILL RECEIVE! Your results will be anywhere from 0% - 100%. You are purchasing eggs not chicks! As a reminder, here are things that we cannot control: shipping conditions (i.e. rough handling, exposure to extreme temperatures, delays, x-ray machines). Conditions under which you incubate your eggs (including equipment failure and negligence). Abrupt and unpredicted changes in mating and egg laying. Knowing if a particular egg was actually fertilized at the time of lay without cracking it open, rendering the egg useless (unless you’re hungry for an omelet).

Please review individual breed pages for detailed breed information. We have disclaimers relating to any breed that has incorrect traits that are noticeable on the day of hatch and these chicks should be culled if you are hatching for future breeding purposes. Please read individual breed pages for these disclaimers before you purchase eggs. No refunds will be given for chicks that hatch with incorrect traits. As with any structured breeding program, you should expect to make culls.

View our Hatching Egg Guide to see what your steps will be once your eggs arrive!

Thank you so much for your interest in rare breeds! We couldn't continue to work with these breeds without your continued support.