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For those looking exclusively for intriguing colors to fill your cartons with, we have put together an assortment of breeds that will give you a rainbow of color each time you collect eggs.
Rainbow Egg Layers Unsexed20.75
Rainbow Egg Collection12.00Sold Out
Whether you are a homesteader who enjoys the novelty of a chocolate brown egg, or an egg vendor looking for that color pop that will set you apart at market, we have a diverse selection of chicks to fill your assortment.

Your assortment will include breeds that, combined, will yield different egg colors. That means of the egg colors we offer (blue, green, brown, tan, tinted, and white) your order will be a selection of breeds, none of which will lay the same color egg as the others included. For example, you could get an order with Silverudds Blue, Legbars, and Marans which would lay green, blue, and chocolate brown eggs, respectively. You can view the images on this page to see the egg colors you MAY get. Every time we pack assortments they are packed differently, as the way we pack each order will depend on the current egg production or the hatch.

The price you see on this page is the price per day-old chick or hatching egg. You can add as many chicks or eggs as you'd like or as few as 1 from this assortment to your cart. If you purchase between 1 to 3 eggs or chicks from this assortment we guarantee that you will receive 1 breed. If you purchase 4 or 5 eggs or chicks from this assortment then we guarantee that you will receive at least 2 breeds, meaning 2 different egg colors. If you purchase 6 or more eggs or chicks from this assortment, we guarantee that you will receive at least 4 different breeds, meaning 4 different egg colors. We will do our absolute best to include as much variety as possible. We guarantee that you will receive Marans eggs (either Black Copper or White Marans) every time you purchase this assortment.

If you purchase the chick assortment and we can include any of our auto-sexing breeds, meaning we can tell if the chick is female or male by the coloration of the chick, then we will include only female chicks unless requested otherwise. We will include straight-run chicks from our other breeds (that aren't auto-sexing) as we don't vent sex or feather sex on our farm.

Feel free to mix and match breeds or assortments to reach our 6-chick shipping minimum.