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This mix of breeds will provide you with at least three different egg colors!
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Rainbow Egg Collection
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For those looking exclusively for intriguing colors to fill your cartons with, we have put together an assortment of breeds that will give you a rainbow of color each time you collect eggs. Whether you are a homesteader that enjoys the novelty of a chocolate brown egg, or an egg vendor looking for that color pop that will set you apart at market, we have a diverse selection of chicks to fill your assortment.

Your assortment will include breeds that, combined, will yield at least three different egg colors. That means of the egg colors we offer (blue, green, brown, tan, tinted, and white) your order will be a selection of at least three breeds, none of which will lay the same color egg as the others included. For example, you could get an order with Silverudds Blue, Legbars, and Marans which would lay green, blue, and chocolate brown eggs, respectively. If you purchase less than 3 chicks or eggs, then we will include at least 1 color. We cannot guarantee the sex of these chicks and therefore cannot estimate how many hens you will receive. However, if we ship you chicks from any of our autosexing breeds, we promise to send only hens and never any roosters.

We offer this assortment for day-old chicks and hatching eggs. The price you see on this page is the price per chick or per egg.