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Being Floridians, hot and humid temperatures are very familiar to us. Check out this page to view what breeds that we consider to handle both with stride.
Heat Hardy Day-Old Chick Assortment Unsexed30.75
Assorted Hatching Eggs from Heat Hardy Breeds9.00
We have done the work for you and selected breeds that are capable of handling seasonally hot temperatures. The perfect assortment if you live somewhere like us, where it gets extremely hot during the summer.

Even though these breeds are more apt to handle hot temperatures you should still make sure that you provide fresh and clean water and areas of shade for your birds so they can cool down when necessary.

The price you see on this page is the price per day-old chick or hatching egg. You can add as many chicks or eggs as you'd like or as few as 1 from this assortment to your cart. If you purchase 6 or more eggs or chicks from this assortment, we guarantee that you will receive at least 4 different breeds. If you purchase between 1 to 3 eggs or chicks from this assortment we guarantee that you will receive 1 breed. If you purchase 4 or 5 eggs or chicks from this assortment then we guarantee that you will receive at least 3 breeds. We will do our absolute best to include as much variety as possible. Feel free to mix breeds and assortments to reach our 6-chick shipping minimum.

The current list of breeds that we will select from when filling this assortment are: 55 Flowery Hen, Cemani, Ketawa, bantam Bielefelder, Barbu de Watermael, Basque Hen, White Bresse, Spitzhauben, Cream Legbar, Flarry Eye Gray, Gauloise Doree, Ginger Oxford Game, Deathlayer, Indio Gigante, Olandsk Dwarf, Pheasant Fowl, Pita Pinta Asturiana, Schijndelaar, Silverudd's Blue, Svart Hona, and Swedish Flower Hen. If we can include the auto-sexing breeds we will include both male and female chicks with more than half being female chicks. The rest of the breeds are sold straight-run meaning they will be unsexed.