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This mix of game birds represents some of the rarest examples of game fowl that have been bred for centuries.
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Assorted Game Fowl Eggs
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In 2008 it became illegal to fight chickens in the United States. What had been a centuries-old tradition in this country became overnight a criminal activity. While this may have relieved the suffering of many birds otherwise destined for the pit, it also put into jeopardy the lines of birds that had been meticulously bred for generations. Without the ability to legally pit game fowl, many enthusiasts simply walked away from the sport. To preserve these breeds, Greenfire Farms has been collecting some of the rarest examples and propagating them on our farm. We do so simply to protect these breeds and will not sell to anyone who expresses an intention of pitting them against other game fowl.

We guarantee that you will receive at least 3 breeds from this list: Bruges Fighter, Liege Fighter, Flarry Eye Gray, and Ginger Oxford Game. No specific breed requests can be guaranteed. If you purchase less than 3 chicks or eggs, then we will include at least 1 breed.

This game fowl collection is priced per chick or per egg.