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Who doesn't want a chicken that looks like a dalmatian with a Mohawk? With this assortment, you will get a variety of our different colored Spitzhauben.
Spitzhauben Day-Old Chick Assortment Unsexed15.75
If you love the Spitzhuaben with their beautiful plumage and forward-facing crest, then this assortment is for you! This assortment allows you to get all of the colors of Spitzhauben that we have at our farm: silver, chamois, and gold. We guarantee that you will receive all 3 colors in your order if you order over 6 chicks in this assortment.

If you purchase less than 3 chicks in this assortment we guarantee that you will receive only 1 color.

The number of each color that are included will be decided based on availability and will be selected by farm staff. Please do not order this assortment if you are not interested in receiving a variety of colors. For example, if you just want silver please order the silver Spitzhauben and not this assortment.

The price that you see on this page is the price per chick.