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We have created the perfect assortment of some of our best-selling table breeds.
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Table Breed Egg Assortment
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For you self-reliant, back-to-the-landers out there! We have put together an assortment of breeds that can turn any backyard into a first rate pastured poultry operation. If you're looking to produce your own food and provide your family with delicious, heritage breed roasters, then this mix was thoughtfully designed with you in mind. The breeds we select will be ones that are renowned for flavor, feed conversion, finish weight, and/or body type. We guarantee at least three different breeds will be included so that you can get started with a diverse flock and maybe even do your own taste test to compare the qualities of the different heritage breeds we offer. However, we cannot guarantee the sex of these chicks.

Some of the possible breeds you'll receive are: American Bresse, Bielefelder, Crevecoeur, Lavender Wyandotte, Light Sussex, Malines, Mechelen Turkey Head, Marans, Pita Pinta Asturiana, Shetland Hen, Sulmtaler, Basque Hen, Barnevelder, and/or Swedish Black.

If you purchase less than 3 chicks or eggs, then we will include at least 1 breed. The price that you see here is PER day-old chick or egg.