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Landraces are truly one of a kind. Their histories are always interesting, their appearances vary greatly, and they are generally very hardy.
Landrace Assortment of day-old chicks Unsexed30.75
Landrace Assortment of Hatching Eggs8.00Sold Out
A landrace is defined as groups of animals or plants that over time undergo natural and artificial selection to promote the stable production of food. Usually, the time period is long, the intervention of man is informal, and the animals that result are keenly adapted to local environments. So, for example, the Hedemora of Sweden is a chicken that has over the centuries developed an undercoating of downy feathers to combat the extreme cold of that northern clime. Adaptation takes time. The longer the time generally the more uniform in appearance landraces will become.

We have several landraces on our farm as of 2024 and these are as follows: Hedemora, Shetland Hen, Swedish Flower Hen, Olandsk Dwarf, Svart Hona, and Icelandic. Most of these breeds are medium to large fowl breeds however, the Olandsk Dwarf is a dwarf so they are much smaller than the other breeds in this assortment. Keep this in mind please when ordering this assortment. If your current flock or setup isn't correct for a smaller breed like the Olandsk, please don't add this assortment to your cart.

You can also view the images on this page to see the breeds you MAY get. Every time we pack assortments they are packed differently, as the way we pack each order will depend on the current egg production or the hatch. The price you see on this page is the price per day-old chick or hatching egg. You can add as many chicks or eggs as you'd like or as few as 1 from this assortment to your cart. If you purchase between 1 to 3 eggs or chicks from this assortment we guarantee that you will receive 1 breed. If you purchase 4 or 5 eggs or chicks from this assortment then we guarantee that you will receive at least 2 breeds. If you purchase 6 or more eggs or chicks from this assortment, we guarantee that you will receive at least 3 different breeds. We will do our absolute best to include as much variety as possible. Feel free to mix and match breeds or assortments to reach our 6-chick shipping minimum.