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This unique autosexing breed was developed in Sweden, and the hens lay very large eggs for their body size.
One of the most beautiful varieties of American game fowl -- a breed that is slowly vanishing in America.
A beautiful and ultra-exotic French breed with a very unique look. A large breed with excellent taste.
A large, ultra-exotic French breed. Known for its fine white meat and abundant production of white eggs.
This ancient and beautiful German breed is reputed to lay eggs until the day it dies!
This elegant German breed lays tons of eggs. Its compact, athletic body lends itself well to free-ranging.
A storied dual-purpose American breed returns from oblivion to grace our backyard coops.
An adept free-ranging bird from France. This mid-size bird is known for its flavorful meat and gentle disposition.
A large, cold hardy breed with Russian roots. Calm and smart. Great for any backyard flock!
A large breed hailing from the Netherlands. Flamboyant and hardy, it lays small to medium sized eggs.
Who doesn't want a chicken that looks like a dalmation with a Mohawk? The Appenzeller Spitzhauben is one of our most visually interesting breeds, and Greenfire Farms went all the way to Switzerland to find and import champion bloodlines.
A gentle and beautiful German breed. Rare and dual purposed, they can be penned or free-ranged.