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This unique autosexing breed was developed in Sweden, and the hens lay very large eggs for their body size.
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Breed History

Fifty Five Flowery Hens were created –spoiler alert!—in 1955 in Sweden by Father Martin Silverudd, also the creator of the Silverudd's Blue. Fifty Fives were the first breed invented by Silverudd and over a half-century have proven to be his most successful creation. While the half-dozen or so of the Silverudd chicken breeds have largely slid into obscurity, Fifty Fives remain in a few commercial flocks in their native country. Fifty Fives deliver on the goals initially established by Silverudd: Create an autosexing chicken that produces eggs for the table in commercial quantities. Using different varieties of leghorns Silverudd created a breed where the rooster looks very different than the hen throughout its life.

The hens are truly prolific layers, and the eggs are the roundest and largest of any of the breeds we maintain here at Greenfire. The utility value of this breed certainly make it one of Silverudd's finest achievements.

Appearance and Behavior

As a day-old chick the males are easy to distinguish by the blonde down on the backs of their heads, and as adults the males are largely white while the females are decorated with a beautiful spotted pattern; the ‘flowers’ that contribute to the breed name.

The roosters tend to be between 5 to 6.5 lbs when fully mature and the hens will normally weigh about 4 to 5 lbs when fully mature.

The hens don't normally become broody.

This breed tends to be very active and will happily spend most of their day foraging. The roosters tend to be very attentive to the hens and are normally not aggressive to people. We have heard from customers that the hens tend to have a mind of their own and if let out of their coop or their run to free range they don't always return to the coop to roost with the rest of the flock. They may decide to roost in a tree or on top of a building instead.


Greenfire Farms was the first to import this breed into the United States.

Hatching Eggs

We incubate at 99.5F and 55% humidity. Once you've placed your eggs into your hatcher for lockdown, you should expect them to hatch fairly well. Normally we see about a 70% hatch from the eggs we've placed into the hatcher on day 21. You may see a couple of chicks hatch a day or 2 late. Typically you'll notice on hatch day that about 50% are male chicks and 50% are female chicks.
Egg Color white
Egg Size Jumbo
Average number of eggs per year 200 - 250
Gamefowl no
Country of Origin Sweden
Cold tolerant yes