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What this tiny Swedish landrace breed lacks in size, it more than makes up for with boldness and charm. Once exceptionally rare, this breed has gained a cult following in the U.S.
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Giant pandas, viewed by most people as the very symbol of endangered animals, currently number about 2,500 adults in the wild. Take half that number –about 1,300 individuals—and you have the global population of blue whales. Halve that number again and you’re describing the remaining population of mountain gorillas; about 650 secretive apes living deep in the forests of Rwanda. But, mountain gorillas are almost common compared to the number of Olandsk Dwarfs –a beautiful little chicken from Sweden– remaining in the world. In 1989 there were 54 of these birds on the planet, and today their number can be measured in the hundreds.

These avian rarities hail from Olands, the second largest island in Sweden; a strip of land about 85 miles long and 10 miles wide anchored near the mainland along the southeast coast. Here, centuries ago birds simply known as British garden hens (a literal translation of the Swedish word for this precursor landrace) were brought to the island, and from these birds the Olandsk Dwarf emerged as a distinct breed. Olandsk Dwarfs are cold-hardy birds that lay smallish white eggs. Their feathers are a wild, splattered canvas drawing from a palette of red, black, white, and gray. Dwarfs are active foragers and socialize well in a flock.

Greenfire Farms has twice imported Olandsk Dwarfs; once in 2012 and again in 2014 from an unrelated bloodline. We love these tiny chickens with their bright colors and precise clockwork movements. They are friendly, fearless birds that are perfect for the space-constrained chicken hobbyist or for anybody who appreciates rarity and beauty in the poultry kingdom.

There is no standard for the appearance of the Olandsk Dwarf, so you will see various feather plumages in this breed. The most common appearance is white with a splattering of red, black, and gray. Since this is the case you may receive different colored chicks in your order, this is normal. Please view the picture below for an example of 2 different color patterns you will see on the day-old chicks.

Due to their small size we will now ship these chicks as 1 week old chicks instead of day-old. The 72 hour guarantee will still apply to these 1 week old chicks.
Egg Color tinted
Egg Size Small
Average number of eggs per year 200 - 250
Gamefowl no
Cold tolerant yes
Year of import(s) 2012, 2014
Landrace Yes