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March 2016 Newsletter
Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Queen Silvia Price Reduction!!!
If you have not checked out one of our most recent releases, the Queen Silvia, you need to! This compact, ace free-ranger has just about out-performed any of our other breeds in the spring lineup. In fact, we are so inundated with chicks that we just reduced the price of this superb homesteading breed. If you're looking for an unstoppable layer, a breed with exceptional fertility rates, and an adept free-ranger, then the Queen Silvia is a standout. If you want more info or would like to check out more pictures, you can find their page here.
New Varieties on the Horizon
We are so excited to announce that two new varieties of some of our most unique breeds have begun to lay! We have been awaiting the release of these varieties as much as some of our most devoted followers. The silver Frisian Gull was one of the very earliest breeds that Greenfire worked to import and it took us over four years to secure any varieties, but we started off with two varieties we had not originally expected to: the gold and lemons. Now, we are pleased to be able to offer the silver variety soon. This is the variety that first caused the stir. The contrasting black and white plumage will no doubt make it a favorite! Also, the hotly anticipated pumpkin Pavlovskaya have just begun to lay, so look for them to join the lineup alongside the whites and standards soon!
Blooms and Blossoms
Although we had an unusually mild winter, we are still looking forward to our North Florida spring. The site of everything greening up is a cue to anticipate the nicest (but briefest) stretch of weather that's just around the corner. The rich peach and pink pastels on the blooms in the orchard and the certain perkiness of the flocks are all good indicators that the season is moving along just as it should be. Before we know it, the dead heat of summer will bring juicy peaches, pluots, and nectarines. In our original OAE orchard, we have about 75 trees. Last season, we added about another 75 in a newer orchard reclaimed from cattle pasture. Hopefully, we'll have our biggest harvest yet and can put by plenty of preserves and nuts to enjoy through next winter.
Thank you so much for reading! And remember, spring is heating up! Time to get in those chick orders!!!