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Regal good looks and the ability to out-lay almost any other breed can be found in this ultra-rare import from Sweden.
Queen Silvia Day-Old Chick Unsexed29.00
Queen Silvia is the current and longest reigning queen of Sweden, and Her Majesty is the product of an exotic lineage that includes a German father and Brazilian mother. But, there’s also another Queen Silvia from Sweden, perhaps less known but sharing an equally exotic heritage and regal bearing: The Queen Silvia chicken developed by Father Martin Silverudd, the geneticist-savant who probably created more new chicken breeds than any other person in history. (During his productive years in the 1950s and 1960s Silverudd created the Isbar, 55 Flowery Hen, Molilja, and Smaaland chickens, among others.) Silverudd was obsessed with creating auto-sexing chickens that produce unusually colored eggs.

Silverudd crossed an unusually colored Leghorn and a Rhode Island Red to begin the process that ultimately yielded the Queen Silvia, and given these precursor breeds the Queen Silvia delivers on egg production. The hens lay tons of medium-sized brown eggs.

Queen Silvias come in two color varieties: silver and gold. Greenfire Farms breeds both varieties. The intricate feather barring is appropriately regal, but with their compact athletic bodies and efficient feed-conversion ratio, you’ll find they also possess a certain commoner hardiness. We love our Queen Silvias at Greenfire Farms, and we feel sure you’ll feel the same when you proudly display this little bit of royalty in your home coop. The chicks you receive may be a mix of the silver and gold varieties.
Egg Color tan
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds no
Country of Origin Sweden