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Once a favorite in the royal courts of Japan, this chicken breed was designed to emphasize strangely ornamental qualities: its face wrinkles with age, it has bright red skin exposed on its breast, and its dense musculature causes it to stiffly waddle like a small Sumo wrestler.
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The Yamato Gunkei is an ancient ornamental fowl from Japan that was bred to extraordinary effect by exaggerating a number of physical traits. It is the largest of the small Shamo breeds, and it has the muscular dinosaur-like legs and feet of the Shamo family. Its breast muscles are so large that they part the feathers to reveal deep red skin underneath. But, its most striking feature is its wrinkled face; wrinkles that begin at a few months of age and that quickly multiply as the bird grows older. Greenfire Farms was lucky to find some excellent breeding stock in Europe, and we imported them for the first time into the United States.

Yamato Gunkei are among the easiest chickens to tame, and with little effort they will be eating out of your hand. Their weirdly beautiful appearance and extremely extroverted personalities coupled with their quiet nature makes them an excellent choice for the backyard hobbyist who wants something akin to a small pet dinosaur but doesn’t want to bother the neighbors.