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A gentle and beautiful German breed. Rare and dual purposed, they can be penned or free-ranged.
Vorwerk Day-Old Chick Unsexed49.00
The Vorwerk is a strikingly beautiful dual purpose breed was developed in Germany more than a century ago by Oskar Vorwerk. The Vorwerk was developed using Lakenvelders, buff Orpingtons, buff Sussex, and Andalusians. It has always been a rare chicken breed despite its remarkable two-tone color pattern, and it is virtually non-existent outside Continental Europe. Greenfire Farms imported our birds directly from highly regarded German stock. We have been very pleased by their performance on our farm. They're gentle, active foragers, and the hens produce a large number of tinted eggs. We've had very high fertility, and the breed seems generally robust. They take well to a pen but enjoy free-ranging whenever possible.

A few breeders claim to have Vorwerks in America, but this breed can be confused with gold Lakenvelders. It’s worth closely checking the pedigree of any birds that are claimed to be Vorwerks including evidence they were legally imported. Bantam Vorwerks have existed in the United States for a few decades. These American bantams were not imported but instead were developed in this country.