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The Pita Pinta is the only chicken breed native to the Asturian region of Northern Spain where it traces its origins to the same chickens that were the foundational stock for the hardy Basque Hens.
Pita Pinta Asturiana (Black Mottled) Day-Old Chick Unsexed29.00
They are rare; only about 2,000 of them exist today. The Pita Pinta is represented in four color varieties, and at Greenfire Farms we imported the two most flamboyant of those varieties, the black mottled (Pinta Negra) and red mottled (Pinta Roxa). These are large, hardy birds that lay an abundance of cream-colored eggs. Their gentle disposition makes them a farm favorite. We currently have the black mottled variety available only.
Egg Color tinted
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds no
Country of Origin Spain