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These gorgeous, lemon-cuckoo birds are incredible examples of the 'dual-purpose' moniker. Their lovely, warm-hued plumage and gentle dispositions make them an excellent backyard attraction.
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The Niederrheiner is a hardy German breed from the Lower Rhine region. These are large fowl with the roosters sometimes topping 10 lb. Niederrheiners were bred as dual purpose fowl, and the hens lay large cream-colored eggs, and they lay them in impressive numbers. At Greenfire Farms we have found this breed to be calm and a model citizen in the chicken yard.

Niederrheiners come in a number of color varieties, and we are currently raising the lemon cuckoos. Allegedly Niederrheiners are auto-sexing, but we can’t distinguish the genders in the chicks we’ve hatched, and other breeders in Europe report this same result in their flocks of lemon cuckoo Niederrheiners. However, what the lemon cuckoos lack in auto-sexing they more than make up for in the vibrant yellow tones of their feathers. These are beautiful birds, and any flock owner will display them with pride.