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Reputed to lay the best-tasting eggs in the world, our Marans were directly imported from authentic French bloodlines. Greenfire Farms is the only source of black copper Marans that have been certified by the American Poultry Association.
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Marans (the name is always spelled with the ‘s’ whether talking about a single bird or many birds) are fine dual-purpose chickens from France. Marans is a port town in France, and the breed originated from a now untraceable mix of chickens that were left in the town by seafarers in the 1800s. The birds were originally bred as fighting cocks, but some random combination of matings produced a bird that became popular for the barnyard. By the early 1920s the breed had been clearly established. From France the breed migrated to England and then in the past few decades to America. In 2011, black copper Marans were accepted into the breed standard by the American Poultry Association.

Although Marans are an excellent meat bird, their outstanding and unique attribute is the shell color of the plentiful eggs that they lay. Marans lay an egg that has a shell the color of dark chocolate; so dark that at times it borders on being black. And when cracked open, the yolk of free-range birds is bright orange, bursting with vitamins, protein and fats from its healthy lifestyle. While a typical store-bought egg has a yolk that is runny and flaccid, the free-range Marans produce yolks that have ‘muscle tone;’ little orange domes that jut skyward from the egg white. Marans have the reputation for laying the best-tasting chicken egg in the world. (Perhaps, for these reasons, the author Ian Fleming identified Marans eggs as those most preferred by James Bond.)

Greenfire Farms has imported from Europe three varieties of Marans: black copper, blue birchen, and white. Each variety is uniquely beautiful and all produce exquisite eggs.

Although four black copper bloodlines previously existed in America, we imported a fifth bloodline to address some of the shortcomings in the existing stock and to inject more genetic diversity into the American flocks. The American Poultry Association has established a flock certification program for those chicken breeds that are included in the APA Standard of Perfection. In order for a flock to be certified as compliant with the APA standard the flock must be inspected by an APA judge and at least 98% of the flock has to conform to all major breed traits identified by the Standard. This sets a very high bar for breed conformity which is why you will rarely if ever find a large hatchery that produces chicks from APA certified flocks. However, in 2015 Greenfire Farms applied to have its black copper Marans flocks inspected under the APA flock certification program, and our farm was visited by a former APA president and current APA judge. Based on this inspection, in 2016 our black copper Marans flock was awarded APA certification. Because of this certification you can be assured you are receiving chicks produced by a flock meeting the highest APA standards.

Our blue birchen Marans are known to reliably produce some of the darkest chocolate-colored eggs in this country. We imported blue birchen Marans from two different European flocks. Blue birchen Marans are extremely rare in the United States. Greenfire Farms maintains the largest breeding flock of blue birchens in this country, and our birds lay beautiful dark brown eggs typical of the breed. Of all the breeds we raise, the blue birchen Marans are among our favorites. They have great personalities, lay beautiful eggs, and are simply one of the most stunning chicken varieties in existence. Keep in mind, if you are ordering our blue birchen Marans, you may receive blue, black, and/or splash chicks as a result of the blue poultry genetics. Chicks will be selected at random based on hatch availability and we cannot guarantee requests for specific colors.

We also recently imported white Marans from Europe. This variety offers a color alternative for those hobbyists who prefer the look of white birds. But, no matter the color choice, you can be assured that Marans will be among your favorite breeds when you begin eating their exquisite eggs.