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Greenfire Farms recently imported the legendary Indio Gigante of Brazil, the world’s tallest chicken breed that battens the gap between chicken and velociraptor.
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Indio Gigante Eggs
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This breed has the long torso and neck typical of the Malayoid breeds, but in achieving its unique height it has the added benefit of ridiculously long legs and huge feet. In Brazil, these birds are measured in a fully prone position with their necks and legs stretched along a measuring board. With the help of their enormous outstretched feet roosters routinely clock lengths in excess of 36”, and some substantially more. We enjoy watching our pack of pocket velociraptors foraging in large field pens, and you’ll amaze yourself and your friends when you display these remarkable birds.

Hatching Eggs - When hatching eggs from this breed, you will notice a variety of color patterns. This is acceptable. We recommend that you thoroughly check every chick for comb type. Ideally, the comb should be flat and wide on the day of their hatch. If you notice any combs that are single-ridged, don't use these chicks in your breeding program.

The merits of every bird should be assessed as they reach adulthood.
Egg Color tinted
Egg Size Large
Average number of eggs per year 160 - 250
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds no
Country of Origin Brazil
Cold tolerant no
Year of import(s) 2019