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Two Egg, Florida
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Not too far from our farm lies a small settlement that can only aspire to be, but never actually qualify as, a town.  It has a single blinking traffic light, a general store showing at least a half century of deferred maintenance, and a few scattered houses.  But, it's here that the productivity of farm animals has been honored in an extraordinary way.
During the Great Depression a hen of eclectic breeding would hop up the stairs of the general store, settle in on the flat top of a wooden barrel, and lay two precious eggs every day.  In a time of great need by the local farmers, this act of abundant giving amounted to a minor miracle, and the locals decided that the settlement should be named in honor of the hen.  Thus, Two Egg, Florida sprung into being.
Although the hen had a difficult act to follow, the settlement of Two Egg later produced the Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway (although Wikipedia incorrectly identifies her birthplace as the infinitely more cosmopolitan town of Bascom).  If you've ever seen her movie Love Hollywood Style, you'll realize that the chicken wasn't the only Two Egg resident who knew how to lay an egg.
A hundred years from now people may or may not remember Faye Dunaway.  But, at least in the Panhandle, they'll still be talking about that chicken.