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The Tolbunt Orpington Project, Part 3
Monday, September 24, 2012
If you'll recall, about a year ago we bred a gold laced Orpington with a jubilee Orpington to produce an F2 generation of birds.  They looked like this:
An F2 Hen
Then, we mated the F2s with each other.  Theoretically, 25% of the offspring of the F2s should have the genetics we're looking for in the F3s.  Today, we hatched the first three of the F3 chicks.  We have one chick that looks like a buff Orpington, one that looks like the F2s looked when they were chicks, and one that has this remarkable pattern:
The F3 Chick
Hopefully, this and similar chicks will grow to display the correct color genetics, and in the summer of 2013 we will cross them with gold laced Orpingtons to create the F4 generation.  Stay tuned.