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The Solar Barn, Part 2
Saturday, October 15, 2011
The Temple of Consumption has landed.
After a short career of transoceanic service schlepping Happy Meal toys from China, the 8'x20' shipping container that is the first module of our solar barn has arrived on the farm and will be repurposed for a more historic role:  the ultra-luxe global headquarters for that titan of agriculture, Greenfire Farms.
Here's the official birth certificate showing our box...err...barn to be only two years old.  A mere toddler.
Stored temporarily on elevated wooden blocks, the next major steps are to run grid electricity to the site and pour a concrete foundation for the container's final resting place.  The concrete pad will be minimized to reduce the area of impervious surfaces and allow the natural percolation of the soil --as opposed to building an elaborately engineered system of drains-- to handle stormwater runoff on the site.
And, we're on the hunt for an air conditioning unit that is easy on the electricity but über-rugged and effective at beating back hellish temperatures;  an air conditioner that, say, that might have been used by a SEAL team in Afghanistan.  Stay tuned....