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Merry Christmas!
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Christmas is around the corner, and with it come daily reminders of a year's growth at Greenfire Farms. I am thankful to live with my family in such a beautiful place, and to be a small part of such an important project. Slowly but surely the promise of something much bigger than ourselves has taken root here. It's hard not to be grateful when reminders of God's creation are all around us.
Just months ago our clear cut dirt fields smelled of earth and pine and were sticky with sap; now they are full of green grass, with promise of more in the spring. I never imagined myself on a farm, but being married to the Farmer has meant watching patiently for ten years as he stubbornly pursued his dream of farming a small parcel of land and owning "just a few hogs."
Of course, "just a few" has grown into too many to count, along with sheep, cattle, and hundreds of chickens at any given time, not to mention five peacocks and a lone guinea, who lost his mate a while back. Now I don't even hear the rooster closest to our house crow any more - he's part of the daily hum which permeates our world. I would notice, though, if he didn't crow. And I would miss him.
Merry Christmas from Greenfire Farms!