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Lettuce Dream
Friday, December 19, 2008
We're diversifying a little beyond livestock and trying our hand at selling vegetables to upscale restaurants in North Florida.  Our first modest attempt is to raise winter greens, an endeavor made easier when the cold weather beats back the insect pests for a few months each year.
Our talented apprentice gardener Ryan has shouldered the burden of this effort.  He's planted from seed 17 different heirloom varieties of lettuce and collards, including the ancient and beautiful Amish deer tongue lettuce.  (For those of rural heritage, yes, it is shaped like a deer tongue.  For our urban readers, think Gene Simmons.)  When the plants are mature in about six weeks, they will prepared and served at the excellent Kool Beanz Cafe in Tallahassee, a hip gourmet restaurant that has received national acclaim, including a positive review in the New York Times.
Here's Ryan's beautiful bed of lettuce seedlings and the master himself with his trusty broadfork.
A few updated photos showing the beauty of the many heirloom greens.