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June 2016 Newsletter
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Give Us Five Minutes, We'll Give You $35
We are growing here at Greenfire Farms! And as we grow, we need your help figuring out ways to improve our business. We are especially interested in improving our customer experience. So, that means we need to hear from YOU, our customers! If you take five minutes to complete this short survey, we will give you free shipping on your next order. That's a value of $35! To complete the survey, click HERE! We really appreciate your participation and just want you to know that 2017 has a lot of excitement in store! When you place your next order, use coupon code: SRVYGF35 This coupon may not be used on auctions won through RBA or on existing orders. Offer expires July 30, 2016.
55 Flowery Hens
We have officially released our 55 Flowery Hens after much anticipation. If you are looking for a breed that lays monster eggs, this dainty and thrifty little hen is just for you! Seriously, for such a small appetite, these hens lay consistently gigantic eggs. We think they're the ultimate homesteading breed and you will, too! Day-old pullets are $59 and day-old cockerels are $29. This is the lowest introductory price we've ever offered on a new breed, and orders are filling up fast! Read more about them HERE. And just check out the 55 Flowery Hen egg below, compared to the brown Bielefelder egg!
One Acre Eden Update
We have finally painted our container greenhouse. We think this ultra-vibrant green is electric enough to emphasize the fire in Greenfire! And loud enough to spread our vision of conservation and sustainability to anyone that happens over our farm. In just about a week, it will be suspended mid-air by a crane before resting atop two other shipping containers in a complex configuration that we have yet to find a name for! This complex houses Greenfire's headquarters, an ample storage unit, and now, a fully-functional greenhouse that will shelter citrus and tomatoes through our North Florida winters.