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January 2016 Newsletter
Friday, January 8, 2016
New Release
Our long-awaited spring release will be available very soon! This spring, we are featuring a Greenfire Farms Original Import, the Chocolate Partridge Wyandotte. We are hoping to begin shipping this breed at the end of February. If you’ve had your eye on them, now is the time to order! We are offering 20% off of ALL ORDERS through Jan 15th. If you pre-order yours before then, you could get this new release at a great price! Or, if you’re not ready to place a full order this early in the season, you can simply place a deposit to reserve some for this Spring. Either way, this is a phenomenal bantam breed with really striking plumage. The Wyandotte is an American backyard favorite, but the Chocolate Partridge is no doubt the most stunning variety!
Plans for 2016
Happy New Year, readers! The days are growing longer, the weather is finally beginning to normalize (sort of), and we are excitedly looking forward to all of the new stuff 2016 will be ushering in. For starters, we are planning on expanding our hatchery this year. With a new, high-capacity incubator, we will be able to hatch more eggs than ever before. This decision came after our recent transition to larger, more free-range style breeding pens. These new pens allow us to sustain much larger breeding flocks with much less labor input. So, we will have a record number of laying hens going into the Spring season. This means less wait time for certain breeds, and the ability to order in larger volume, which we hope will help support the requests of some of our organic growers out there! We are constantly learning how to perfect our process so that we can produce chicks more efficiently and more economically. And we are ever committed to achieving both without compromising on the care of our birds or the quality of our offspring. We are so grateful for our customers who have supported us since the beginning, almost nine years ago! Thank you! Here’s to a bountiful New Year!
Growing In One Acre Eden
The gardening season has been a bit lackluster for us in One Acre Eden. The old adage “January warm, the Lord have mercy,” could never be more true. It seems like the grass has not stopped growing and all of the unseasonable heat has stunted any efforts at a winter garden. However, it’s given us a great opportunity to move ahead on some long-planned building projects to expand the container structure that is at the heart of OAE. We stacked our second finished container atop the original office container and are now working with a welder to develop a third story greenhouse! This is a very exciting project, so stay tuned as we make progress!