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Day Two
Saturday, November 20, 2010
Chilly morning right now. Scooped up Nan, Spud and Button to get some photos. They seemed pretty sleepy and were totally digging the heat from the halogen.
Spud was fighting a nap with little resolve. Everytime he fell into it (with one leg tucked closely to his belly), he would lose his balance and wake himself. See the sequence.
Otherwise, his best shot today was candid. Always on the one leg. There's a Swedish Rooster in the flock that prefers this stance through naps. It must run in the line. I haven't seen many other chicks take up the pose with such regularity.


Here is Button looking a little stately. Don't be deceived. Off camera, he's a fierce little moppet. Pecking at everyone's feet, hyperpreening, etc. He typically runs head first for the camera. Overall, an excitable BB.


And here is Nan looking inquisitive. She's a sweet one. Preens the other two when given the opportunity. A little mother hen in the works. Mostly docile but very vibrant and healthy.


And if you were wondering: No, these chicks haven't been sexed. We haven't really put too much thought into our pronoun game. Though if the rules of hatching apply, these are all roosters.