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Day Three
Monday, November 22, 2010
Okay, okay, day four, technically. A warm day. The chicks seemed a little sleepy. Nan was trying desperately to join the other two near the halogen. Here she is looking over at them trying to dart past the makeshift partition I created to keep them separate.


Spud has got to be a roo. He is getting to be really assertive and has a certain astuteness. He seems like he'll develop a well-meaning, watchful eye. It would be so lovely if this were a trio! Here he is checking out the action from accross the studio. Look at the neck.

Button was so chilled out today, I almost felt bad for pegging him to be the troublemaker I made him out to sound like. Here he is, ultra sweet. I guess we all have our days.


Wing feathers sprouting on everyone. Looks like we might be able to start making conjectures about colors soon?