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Day Ten
Thursday, December 2, 2010
This has been one of my favorite days to shoot pics thus far. I really tried to capture their personalities to impart how unique each one is turning out.

Nan is becoming fearless. She flits around with serious attitude. She's the only one that explores the studio regularly without chirping for the others. And she is always trying to escape the frame. Here she is poised on her talons in mid-dodge mode.


Button is always prone to a nap sesh. He relishes in the warmth of the halogen lights. I swear, he isn't dead, he's just hard at this wink of sleep. Lazy, lazy, lazy.


In the beginning, Nan was my favorite. I named her. She had the sweetest pale silver coloring and was very endearing. I'm not really picking favorites these days, they're all so equally sweet. However, I will say that Spud is becoming the most captivating. Especially to photograph. In the studio, he's very watchful and curious. Reminds me of his entire parent flock. He studies me as I study him. The shots are always pretty simple. He's not as active, that's for sure. But, what I am able to capture is the stare. I've formed a bit of a connection with this little guy. I can't say that I won't want to steal him away to my backyard in the city once this is all finished. Too bad I can't keep roosters there. And for some reason, I'm still totally convinced he will develop into a handsome devil of a roo. If he's a hen, you can be sure this is my introduction to crazy chicken ladydom. I will have a pet for life! Look at him checking us out.