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Day Four
Wednesday, November 24, 2010
So, we had an internet outage on the farm yesterday and I wasn't able to upload these. Power up today so I will have double posts.

Nan was pretty uncooperative yesterday. I finally made the smart decision to photograph them separately so that they're not all trying to cluster up with eachother. I thought it would create some boring compositions but these turned out pretty well. Here is Nan. Caught preening her wing. She had a little play grime on her.


Here is Spud. Caught napping. Not much more to say on that. Although, in watching him more around the studio I've noticed he is definitely the most even-keeled, consistent little chick. Doesn't fuss too much over the awkwardness of photographing. Just chills.


Button was pretty sleepy again. Here he is from the rear. He's definitely feathering out quite nicely. I can't believe they're all only a week old.