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Day 13
Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Okay, and we're back! I'm sorry I've been so delinquent on blog posts. Winter has arrived. In a smack down sort of sense. It's never a subtle transition for anything here in Florida. We had some frozen pipes and some winterizing to do this week. Staying busy. These chicks have been growing like weeds. I peak in on them daily and lament that my schedule has left you all hanging. I mean, we've gone from cute bitties to tufts of tail feathers emerging. The awkward days are upon us. It's so strange how they've all 180ed from day one.

Button was super rambunctious and now, he's so demure and calm. On his way to hendom, I think.


Nan on the other hand...what a ruckus causer. I could barely contain her today for a still shot. I will also say, I'm pretty sure she's a roo. So from here on out, we are calling him Man.


Spud, on the other hand, has pretty much stayed his course. Mellow, curious. Still a roo, presumably.