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Chickens by the Numbers
Friday, May 13, 2011
92,400,000,000:  Number of chicken eggs produced in the United States last year.
37,000,000,000:  Number of chickens raised globally last year.
23,000:  Number of genes in the chicken genome.  (Humans have about the same number.)
8,000:  Number of years ago chickens may have first been domesticated from wild junglefowl.
125:  Number of dollars a Bresse chicken costs at a butcher shop in Paris.
70:  About the number of chicken breeds existing in the United States.
67:  Minimum number of square inches of cage space the United Egg Producers recommends for a laying hen.  (A letter size sheet of paper is 93 square inches.)
50:  Number of dollars a person may be fined for illegally cockfighting in Alabama.
21:  Number of days a chicken egg is incubated before hatching.
1:  Number of fertile Pavlovskaya roosters that remained in the world in 1990.  (The breed has since made a small comeback.)
0:  Number of states in the United States in which cockfighting is legal.