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April 2016 Newsletter
Friday, April 1, 2016
Fifty Five Flowery Hens
We are now accepting deposits for our June release of the incredible Fifty Five Flowery Hen. This autosexing breed lays super large, round tinted eggs, and, as most of the other Swedish breeds we’ve worked with, they are incredibly friendly. If you’re looking for a superb, cold-hardy, autosexing breed, then the Fifty Five is the perfect pick. Chicks are releasing at $99 per unsexed day-old.
Farm Living is the Life for Me
A new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives links peoples’ "exposure to greenness" with a twelve percent lower mortality rate compared to people living in more urban areas with less exposure to green space directly surrounding their homes. Basically, for those of us living in the country, we can expect to live longer! YAY!!! Chances are, rural living relates to more active, outdoor lifestyles, as well as access to fresher, cleaner air. Next time you’re out watching chicken TV, or mucking pens in exchange for fresh eggs, just remember, you have found the prescription for longevity! And don’t worry city-dwellers, that patio container garden and small coop in the corner of your yard might mean you’re getting the best of both worlds!