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2013 Cream Legbar Breeders
Saturday, November 17, 2012
We're pleased with the way our cream legbar breeders are shaping up for the 2013 breeding season.  By importing new stock and selectively breeding our older lines we're developing birds that are inching closer to the UK standard for this breed.  Our 2013 breeders address some of the cosmetic flaws in the earlier lines, and the newest group of breeding birds is on the average showing more silver/cream color in the feathers and more prominent head crests.  Here you can see a 2013 breeder hen.
And here's a 2013 breeder rooster.
Our 2012 legbars were healthy, good layers, and had other fine qualities, but most of the hens lacked a prominent feather crest.  Here's a typical 2012 hen.
And here's a typical 2013 breeder hen from our flock showing the details of her crest.  This crest is more consistent with the crest type that is typically seen in legbars that take ribbons in UK poultry shows.
Obviously, we can't guarantee that individual chicks will grow to look like this hen, but know that we're applying lots of time and effort to breed consistently better legbars.