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A medium sized and attractive breed from the mountainous regions of Spain and France. This breed will thrive in difficult conditions.
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The Basque people live in the mountainous divide between Spain and France and are known as hardy farmers and shepherds who, with their own language and customs, are fiercely and sometimes violently independent from the countries where their home is located. In this rugged terrain a premium is put on strength and endurance. This is no less true for the several landraces of chickens that exist in that region. These “peasant breeds” thrive under conditions that would kill their less hardy cousins.

One of the Basque breeds, the Euskal Oiloa is known for its thrifty foraging and egg production. We have kept this attractive medium-size breed at Greenfire Farms for several years, and have enjoyed its hardy, easy-going nature. If you are looking for an excellent homestead bird, look no farther.

Breed History

The Basque Hen numbers began to dwindle when the commercial production for brown eggs in Spain resulted in producers crossing the Basque Hen with other breeds. This resulted in hybrids with less focus on adhering to the appearance and attributes of the pure birds. In 1975 work began on preserving and increasing the number of Basque Hen. This was done by Dr. Fernando Orozco along with his associates at the Department of Animal Genetics INIA.

Since 1975 work has continued to be done in several countries and the breed has made its way to the United States and Canada.

Appearance and Behaviour

Our flock at Greenfire Farms is the red cuckoo variety also called the marraduna variety. These birds showcase an amazing display of: white, black, buff, cream, and mahogany. The roosters display more of the noticeable cuckoo pattern with deeper tones of buff and mahogany on their wing and back. The Basque Hen are a medium-sized breed with roosters normally weighing about 7 pounds at mature weight and the hens will weigh about 5 pounds at mature weight.

We have noticed that this breed is not overly flight. They are confident birds who are active foragers. The birds only moderately vocal. The hens seem to be slightly broody, but this breed is not the best choice if you are searching for a consistently broody hen to hatch eggs. 

Breed Standard

The North American Basque Hen Association provides a standard of perfection on their site. Check it out here - http://nabha.weebly.com/standard-of-perfection.html

Hatching Eggs Disclaimer

When hatching eggs from this breed, you will want to pay close attention to chicks that hatch with the presence of feathers on their legs. This is not a trait that you will want to breed so these chicks should not be used in your future breeding flock.

Breed Defects

You will want to make sure that roosters you use in your breeding flock don't have solid white or solid black sickle feathers or main tail feathers. Both hens and roosters should also lack solid white wing feathers. The birds should also be clean legged. The presence of any of those things will make the bird unfit for breeding.


Our flock is very small and we are working to build up our numbers. Please be patient as we have extremely limited availability, and we will only be able to fill very small orders.
Egg Color tinted
Egg Size Medium
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds yes
Country of Origin Spain
Also called Euskal Oiloa or Marraduna Basque
Cold tolerant yes