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Exhibiting possibly the most exquisite plumage of any chicken breed, Greenfire Farms has imported the large fowl silver double laced Barnevelders.
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Breed History

Originating in Holland almost 200 years ago, Barnevelders are medium-heavy fowl known for their striking coloration and production of large dark eggs. The breed was derived from mixing imported Asian fowl with local Dutch chickens. They are a dual-purpose breed that in the past several decades has been adapted more for display than farm life. More than a dozen Barnevelder varieties in large fowl and bantam have been developed.

The most striking visual feature of the breed is the double laced feather pattern; an intricate arrangement that is as precise and beautiful as the most exquisite hand-sewn lace. The pattern emerged in the early 1920s in Europe and occurs only on the hens. Greenfire Farms imported from Holland silver double laced Barnevelders, and these birds are in both large fowl and bantam form.

There is considerable variation in quality in this variety of Barnevelder, and frequently we found specimens that had red-tinged feathers and blurred lacing. These birds we avoided, and we spent time locating flocks that displayed deep black feathers with precise silver lacing. The silver double chevrons appear as if they were painted on a deep black background, and the improbably precise penciling elicits gasps of surprise and delight by even the most jaded poultry hobbyists.

Appearance and Behavior

Despite their stunning color patterns “Barnies” retain a reputation as a docile and productive breed. Hens typically lay 180-200 medium, tan eggs per year, and the carcasses of the birds are full and meaty. The roosters normally weigh about 7 to 8 pounds at maturity and the hens will normally weigh about 6 to 7 pounds at maturity.

They are a somewhat active breed but not very flighty. We have noticed that as the summer temperatures rise, they tend to slow down. Due to the fact that they aren't an extremely active breed, this breed will do very well in a medium-sized coop or run.

Breed Standard

To view the standard for the Barnevelder, please view this site: http://barnevelderclub.uk/breed-standards#:~:text=Beak%20yellow%20with%20dark%20point%20%28in%20the%20silver%2C,wattles%20and%20ear-lobes%20red.%20Legs%20and%20feet%20yellow.

Hatching Eggs Disclaimer

When hatching eggs from this breed, thoroughly check the chicks that hatch for the presence of feathers on the legs. If you notice any feathers on the legs, you should plan to cull them. You don't want to use these birds in your breeding program.

Breed Defects

You will want to select hens that lay the darkest tan eggs and cull any that lay light-colored eggs.

The merits of every bird should be assessed as they reach adulthood.
Egg Color brown
Egg Size Medium
Average number of eggs per year 160 - 200
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds yes
Country of Origin Netherlands
Cold tolerant no
Year of import(s) 2016