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Almost 3' tall and with the fierce gaze of a velociraptor, the intimidating appearance of the Shamo belies its usually gentle and intelligent personality.
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The Shamo is an Asian breed that originated in Thailand as a fighting chicken and later migrated to Japan where it was bred for centuries as both a game fowl and ornamental chicken. (The word "Shamo" is derived from the word "Siam;" a nod their country of origin.) There are several types of Shamo in Japan, and the O-Shamo is the tallest variety within the breed and the one we breed at Greenfire Farms.

These are remarkable birds for a number reasons. They are physically intimidating --a large rooster stands almost 3' tall-- and they have the fierce gaze and erect posture usually associated with velociraptors. A group of them hunting in the tall grass conjures the word "pack" instead of "flock." Yet, despite their fierce appearance, Shamo are among the most intelligent and curious of chickens. They tend to treat people as equals, are rarely human aggressive, and quickly learn to eat treats from your hand. Unfortunately, a national poultry census conducted in 2015 revealed that Shamo have all but disappeared from the United States.

Shamo hens will lay a relatively small number of white or tinted medium-sized eggs each year. But, you don't keep Shamo in your backyard for their contributions to the breakfast table. You keep them if you always wanted to have a pet dinosaur.