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A large auto-sexing breed from the UK. Produced from the crossing of the Rhode Island Red and the Brussbar, a rare British breed.
Rhodebar Day-Old Chick Male19.00
Rhodebar Day-Old Chick Female29.00
If you like the thought of dropping a Rolls Royce engine into a Chevy, you’ll probably like the Rhodebar. This breed is a quirky combination of British auto-sexing traits genetically engineered into a classic American chicken breed, the Rhode Island Red. The Rhodebar was created in England in 1947 by crossing a Brussbar (also a rare British chicken breed) with the Rhode Island Red. The result built upon the legendary practicality of the Rhode Island Red, a dual purpose breed that was developed in the United States in the late 1800s. Famous for prodigiously laying tinted eggs, the Rhode Island Red lacked one quality that was highly prized in Britain: the ability to produce sexable day-old chicks.

The creation of the Rhodebar solved that problem. It has retained the egg-laying ability of the Rhode Island Red, but it has the additional benefit of producing visibly sexable chicks. The female chicks have chipmunk stripes on their backs, and the males have a silvery sheen and a white spot on their heads. Given this combination of traits, it’s easy to argue that few chickens offer a more practical benefit to the homestead flock than the Rhodebar.

Greenfire Farms is the first and only importer of the Rhodebar from Britain, and it remains a prized breed on our farm.
Egg Color brown
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds no
Country of Origin UK