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A large breed hailing from the Netherlands. Flamboyant and hardy, it lays small to medium sized eggs.
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Polish chickens are so outrageous in their appearance that for many years they have been popular in America’s backyard flocks. Typically, we’re drawn to the “peasant breeds” of chickens; hardy free-range survivors who elevate function over form. But, a few years ago we visited a large poultry show in Europe, and we were blown away by the quality and flamboyant good looks of some white crested cuckoo Polish that were on exhibit and ultimately received high scores from the picky European judges. There was just something cool about them that made it hard to look away. We were so impressed by the quality of these birds that we made arrangements to import the birds despite the fact that this breed is well-represented in America.

Despite their name, Polish chickens are believed to have originated in the Netherlands centuries ago. It’s possible “Polish” is not derived from a misplaced association with the country of Poland but instead stems from the Middle Dutch word pol which means “head;” a reference to their astounding feathered crests. At any rate, the breed has been around for more than half a millennium. Paintings from as early as the 15th Century depict birds similar to Polish.

On our farm the white crested cuckoo Polish has proven to be a hardy bird despite their decidedly non-utilitarian features. As soon as they hatch the beginnings of the signature feather crests are evident on the chicks. The roosters have a crest that cascades from the head in a manner similar to the dreadlocks of the monster in the movie Predator, and the hens have an almost perfectly round crest that makes them look like animated Q-Tips. The hens also lay an abundance of small- to medium-sized white eggs, and the feather crests if left untrimmed so obscure the fields of vision that they are easy to catch, which is a good thing, because the birds seem to enjoy being held.
Egg Color white
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds no
Country of Origin Netherlands