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This exotic, Swedish landrace breed survived on the formidable coast of western Sweden where it scavenged fish to survive. You won't find a more tenacious free-ranger.
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The Orust is a landrace of chicken that emerged on the western coast of Sweden where it survived by free-ranging along the rocky shores of Orust island, a windswept and desolate place that is home to only 1,800 hardy seafarers. The Orust is a small to medium-sized large fowl that learned to scavenge a varied diet to survive. It has been known the eat fish, for example. Its exotic origins are matched by its exotic good looks: it has a wonderful black and white mottled feather pattern that is virtually unmatched in the chicken kingdom, and the pattern often carries through to a mosaic of black and white scales on its legs. The chicks are equally beautiful with their panda-like fields of black and white down. Greenfire Farms imported these birds from Sweden for the first time in 2013.

We have found this to be a very hardy breed, and one unusual characteristic is that the roosters’ wattles become a bright iridescent violet color whenever they become agitated; a state that is often encountered because they are protective of the hens. The hens are reasonably prolific egg layers, and they produce a small to medium-sized white egg.

Orust are so rare that even learned chicken experts often are unfamiliar with the existence of this landrace of chickens, and a 2013 census put their total global population at 463 birds. But, you can now have the pleasure of curating these beautiful chickens in your own backyard.