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A large, cold hardy breed with Russian roots. Calm and smart. Great for any backyard flock!
Orloff Day-Old Chick Unsexed19.00
Mahogany Orloff Eggs6.00Sold Out
Spangled Orloff Eggs6.00Sold Out
Assortment of Orloff Hatching Eggs5.00Sold Out
Mahogany Orloff Juvenile Male50.00
This bull-necked chicken breed originated in Persia more than 400 years ago but found its biggest benefactor in Count Orlov of Russia in the 1700s. The Count promoted, improved, and distributed this large, cold-hardy chicken breed, and by the 1800s it had gained popularity around the world. In the United States it was admitted into the Standard of Perfection but later dropped from the Standard when interest in the breed waned.

It’s hard to imagine why people turned away from this exotic breed given its unique good looks, its ability to withstand frigid winters, and its willingness to lay eggs throughout the year. At Greenfire Farms, we acquired our stock from officers in the Russian Orloff Society who have rigorously selected superior birds to carry forward in their flocks, and we also blended in a line of birds that had been recently imported from Turkmenistan. The result has been large, confident birds with the classic Orloff bullet head on the roosters and deep, rich coloration in the feathers. These calm, smart birds are perfect for any backyard flock.

We hatch both spangled and mahogany Orloffs, and when you order chicks you may be getting chicks from either or both varieties.

Hatching Eggs - When hatching eggs from this breed, you will want to make sure that every chick hatches with a beard. It's very rare, but it has happened that an Orloff chick hatched without a beard

The merits of every bird should be assessed as they reach adulthood.

Juvenile rooster - We have one rooster available for purchase. To view a photo of this rooster, please scroll through the images below. This rooster is approximately 7 months old.
Egg Color tinted
Egg Size Medium
Average number of eggs per year 100
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds yes
Country of Origin Russia
Cold tolerant yes