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This crested, dual-purpose French breed is known for its mothering skills. If you're looking for a broody hen, this is your best bet!
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Merlerault is a region of France near Normandy, and here in the 19th Century a chicken breed emerged in an agricultural area formerly known for its trotting horses and bountiful vegetable fields. The Merlerault was bred to be a free-range bird with an emphasis on meat quality but also the production of eggs. As befits a useful free-range breed, the Merlerault roosters are large and exude the confidence that comes from powerful musculature that proves useful when protecting hens from predators. The eyes are a fierce red, the earlobes white, and their black feathers shimmers with greens and purples.

Merlerault hens are compact and lay a large number of white eggs. They often go broody and are exceptional mothers. Greenfire Farms traveled to France to find this rare breed; a breed that is scarce in its native country and virtually unheard of outside France. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the robust nature and good temperament of this breed, and we recommend it to any hobbyist who is interested in curating this crested rarity or who wishes to grow a flock for its traditional rustic purpose: a free-range chicken capable of providing delicious meat and eggs with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of visual interest.