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An adept free-ranging bird from France. This mid-size bird is known for its flavorful meat and gentle disposition.
Lyonnaise Day-Old Chick Unsexed59.00
Lyonnaise are virtually unknown outside of their native France, and they are so rare that even in the erudite Aviculture Europe this fascinating chicken is listed under “Unknown Breeds.” Lyonnaise were created by Monsieur Etienne Tamburini of Lyon, France, in the 1950s, and it was almost two decades before this mid-sized large fowl was formally recognized as a breed. The breed was intended as a table fowl, and it is known for its excellent white meat. The hens lay medium-sized white eggs.

To obtain and import this rare breed Greenfire Farms sent our emissary to France, and after considerable effort we were able to find authentic Lyonnaise. We have imported two bloodlines of these birds, and the resulting chicks are very robust. Lyonnaise seem to excel at free range living even in a predator-rich environment, and we have a Lyonnaise rooster that has been living wild on our farm for more than half year with no human support or protection, and he is active and exceedingly healthy.

There are two varieties of Lyonnaise –frizzled and flat feathered—and Greenfire Farms breeds both varieties.
Egg Color white
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds yes
Country of Origin France