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Originating in China, Cochins are beautiful and gentle giants.
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Cochins are the gentle giants of the chicken world, the “basketball with feathers” that entrances children and causes adults to swoon. Cochins originated in China and with their large size and abundance of feathers ignited passions as they immigrated into Europe. In 1842, seven Cochins were added to Queen Victoria’s private menagerie, and in the ensuing years Britons and finally Americans were swept up in the Cochin-inspired “hen fever” that caused all manner of people to pay large sums for the exotic fowl. Some pairs went for as much as the equivalent $3,600 modern dollars -- a king’s ransom at the time.

Today, Cochins are far less expensive but no less attractive than they were in the Victorian Era. Our birds were imported from Europe where they were kept by a poultry hobbyist who specializes in the breed. Chicks may be either black or blue or a combination of the two when you receive them. Our birds are very large, and they are somewhat difficult to breed. Because of their round bodies and dense feathers, the act of mating can be hit or miss for this breed, and fertility in the eggs is often not very high as a result. But, that they lack in productivity they more than make up for in beauty and charm.

Hatching Eggs - When hatching eggs from this breed, you will want to check every chick that hatches for proper toe webbing. One common thing that happens with these chicks is that the webbing is excessive and the toes aren't able to spread out properly. Any chick that hatches like this should be culled as you don't want to use birds like this in your breeding flock.

The merits of every bird should be assessed as they reach adulthood.
Egg Color brown
Egg Size Large
Average number of eggs per year 150 - 180
Gamefowl no
Table Breeds no
Country of Origin China
Cold tolerant no
Year of import(s) 2017