Jan. 2016 Newsletter

GF Newsletter – January 2016 New Release Our long-awaited spring release will be available very soon! This spring, we are featuring a Greenfire Farms Original Import, the Chocolate Partridge Wyandotte. We are hoping to begin shipping this breed at the end of February. If you’ve had your eye on them, now is the time to […]

2013 Cream Legbar Breeders

We’re pleased with the way our cream legbar breeders are shaping up for the 2013 breeding season.  By importing new stock and selectively breeding our older lines we’re developing birds that are inching closer to the UK standard for this breed.  Our 2013 breeders address some of the cosmetic flaws in the earlier lines, and […]

The Tolbunt Orpington Project, Part 4

As you may recall, we crossed jubilee and gold laced Orpingtons.  We then bred these F2 hybrids to produce F3 chicks.  Theoretically, about 25% of the chicks should express the mottling gene.  We are now beginning to see mottling in some of our F3 chicks and we see some chicks with the correct color combination […]

Zero Waste Feeder?

Feed has skyrocketed in price, and losing feed through rain spoilage and waste is an increasingly painful proposition.  So, we look around for an engineering solution to the problem.  We found a nifty little device that goes by the questionable marketing name of the Poultry Pecker, and allegedly when properly installed this small closed spring […]

The Tolbunt Orpington Project, Part 3

If you’ll recall, about a year ago we bred a gold laced Orpington with a jubilee Orpington to produce an F2 generation of birds.  They looked like this: Then, we mated the F2s with each other.  Theoretically, 25% of the offspring of the F2s should have the genetics we’re looking for in the F3s.  Today, […]

The Case for Inefficiency

The other day I was reading a post in a popular online chicken forum in which someone was expressing horror and outrage at the idea that male day-old chicks are by the millions fed into machines that chop them to pieces while they’re alive.  (This claim is true, by the way.  The commercial chicken industry […]

The Tolbunt Orpington Project, Part 2

We’re growing out the gold laced Orp x jubilee Orp crosses that are the F2 generation of the tolbunt project.  Quite a bit of uniformity among the chicks.  They all seem to have some variation of black and gold markings.  It’s also noteworthy how robust they are.  Here’s a typical juvenile:  

Greenfire Farms Featured in the New York Times

Greenfire Farms was recently featured in an excellent article in the Dining section written by New York Times reporter Julia Moskin.  You can see it here.  Thanks, Julia!

The Solar Barn, Part 13

Okay, so the drywall got a skim coat and a finish sand.  The walls and ceiling were painted,  and a bamboo floor (renewable and cheap when sourced online) was installed.  Metal pans were bent and installed to finish the interior of the container doors.  A perimeter deck was built.  A super slick split air conditioning […]

The Tolbunt Orpington Project, Part 1

At Greenfire Farms we’ve embarked on an ambitious project to create a tolbunt Orpington.  If you’ve been to the tolbunt Polish page on this website you know that ‘tolbunt’ is a recently created color pattern from the former East Germany that combines brown, black, and white to dazzling effect in the feathers of a chicken.  […]

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